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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Big changes...

Yep, I've been silent again. Not on purpose, just didn't have a ton to write about for a little while, and then suddenly had a ton to write about but not time to write it.

Today is my last day in the Pentagon, my last day at the job that I've worked since February 2012, our last full day in Virginia. I've really enjoyed this job, I've learned a TON and gotten to experience some pretty cool things. I've made some good friends, and I'll be sad to leave some of the people. Working in the Pentagon has been really cool. I know some people hate it, think its too close to the top, whatever. But I enjoyed it.

However, it was time to move on. We've been looking at trying to move to Florida for a while, for various reasons It was something we talked about from the time we made the move back up here - cost of living is so high, and it's very crowded, among other things. For various reasons it was delayed several times.  But it finally worked out, and it worked out fast!! Less than a month ago, we found out that the contract had been awarded for a position that I had been offered contingent on that. It took a few days to get everything straightened out, but about a week later I had my official offer letter and a start date of October 13th.

So for the past 2 1/2 weeks, we've been packing the apartment, finding a place to live, arranging a move, trying to tie up loose ends and see everyone up here before we go, and not fully succeeding at any of them, I'm sure. But it's not like we'll never be back - I have lots of family and friends in DC, so visits are inevitable.

Today, I finish up at work and do all the admin out-processing goodness while husband and the movers load up our truck. Once I'm out of here, it's back to clean the apartment and get the cars mostly loaded and try to calm what I'm sure will be 2 very nervous kitties. His parents arrive around 4, we'll get them checked into their hotel, then an earlyish dinner with my parents and hopefully a friend or two. In the morning we wake up, get the kitties and the last few things in the car, and hit the road, hopefully by 8 or 9.

We have quite a couple of days ahead of us, and I know that someday soon I'll get to sleep all day :) It's exhausting, but the end result will be worth it. Wish us luck!!