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These words are my diary screaming out loud

Friday, April 29, 2005

One week down

Today marked the end of the first full week of work that I have had in MONTHS. Yes, you read right, MONTHS. I have a division. Actually, I have two divisions, plus one that Im half owning because ASWO isnt here yet... and work to do... and people besides just MAC.... and Im EXHAUSTED!!

I came home from work today, put a movie in with the intent of hanging out for a little while, and slept for almost 2 hours (I almost wrote weeks there... see?) I need to get re-used to this whole working thing... and PT in the morning too.... Im gonna be one tired little girl for a little while!

But on a positive note, I am really liking my new command. A whole different world than the last ship. Everything that could be better is, and thats pretty much everything!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Whats the meaning of it all?

So why does anyone write a blog? Molly and I had a really interesting conversation that kind of skimmed this issue last night after someone got slightly offended by something I wrote here. This person is not someone I know, not someone whose name I knew at the time I wrote it, but someone that I made an observation about in certain context in a post I wrote a while back. I put the link to my blog on a few profiles I have floating around on the internet, and, randomly enough, this person happened to come across my blog, and in what must have been a bored state because the above referenced post is old enough that in order to access it you have to actually click the link to read the post in which she was referenced. (I know I know, this seems all vague and all, but there's no reason to be any more detailed than that)

The point of all this is to ask a question and offer up some thoughts. Why do you write a blog? I write my blog for many reasons. It is an outlet, a place I can go and write what I think, how I feel, and what is going through my head at the time. It is a method of communication between me and people that I live miles away from. Basically, I write what I want. I call things as I see them. I never go out with the intent of slandering anyone or judging anyone or anything else... Ive had enough random people post on here to know that you never know who will read something. I keep my posts clean (especially now that I know my parents have found this site... oh man thats two in a row that Ive mentioned that...) but Im not tailoring my writing to anyone but me.

OK, I lied. There really isn't a point to this. And you know what? I am alright with that. If you read this, or any blog for that matter, and you dont like something, well, unless there are some legit slander issues or something, get over it and grow up are about all I can say. Because while said post was edited this time, dont expect it to happen again.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

An Adequate Enough Substitute....

...But only for the brunch part!

Last night the guys and I went to the local microbrew, a place called Sea Dog's, for a beer. The only draft beers they have are their own, which were not bad, but the best part about it was when I saw their Sunday brunch board. Buffet, menu, and, (drumroll) MAKE YOUR OWN BLOODY MARYS!!! That about made my day. I know where I will be somewhere between the hours of 10 and 2 every Sunday!

Oh, and here's the disclaimer now that I know that my parents have found my blog... its only one bloody mary at a time, and its fun to make them myself, and it reminds me of Keagans...

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sad Loss

As everyone loses friends and classmates in Iraq, I found out this morning that a former company mate of mine died in Annapolis following the PRT.

Myron Ludvick was a second class when I was a plebe, and one of my favorite memories of him was when he was second class training sergeant and one night he took all of us plebes up into the attic above 4th wing, sat us all down, and talked to us. Not at us, like so many people did that year, but to us, and with us. He asked us what we thought, and actually listened. I saw Myron earlier this year when I was in Annapolis for service assignment night, and I reminded him of this story, and he had forgotten about it entirely. Thats just an example of Myron's style, the type of person that he was. The midshipmen are truly missing out on what I am convinced would have been an amazing company officer. I am honored to have known him, and his family is in my prayers.

The article is linked or can be found on the USNA home page.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Laziness is next to godliness... wait, thats not right...

I really do not want to unload my truck. I have been here for almost 48 hours now, and about half of my stuff, actually more than that I think, is still in there. I have brought in the essentials (toilet kit, some clothes, coffee pot, George Foreman grill) but now its raining, and its cold outside, and I dont live near the elevator OR the stairs... oh wow, that sounded really whiny. Anyways, this is the part where I love Navy movers. They come in, pack your stuff, take it away, and then it magically appears where you move to. Except in this case I'm living in a BOQ for the next few months and my stuff is in storage and won't magically appear until I have a house again in Norfolk. So for now its up to me to get off my lazy rear and actually unload. Eventually...

The drive up was actually pretty good. I got a chance to stop off in Boston and visit an old friend of mine. April and I have known each other since 7th grade and been real good friends since 8th or 9th, I cant really remember. I had not seen her since our senior year in college when I went down to UVA and visited her, so it was awesome to see her and meet some new people, and hopefully over the course of the next few months Ill be able to go down there and see her some more.

Time to go think of something to do to keep me from unloading. Or doing laundry for that matter. Maybe Ill go for a drive, start learning my surroundings...

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

To Maine...

Well, Im off.

This morning I left Virginia Beach for the next six months, en route to the not-so-new world of Southern Maine. Ive been there before, many times, but only on vacation. It is definitely going to be a little different living there for the next 6 months, even more because Ill be living out of a hotel room for most of that time, and the ship for the rest. But Im looking forward to it, nice weather and good lobstah.

The hardest thing about leaving, though, was the one thing that always is. No matter what I somehow always manage to make some really good friends right before I move. This time was no different. In the last month or so I had started hanging out with some really awesome people that I cant wait to see again when I come back or when they come up North. Boston rocks... Im only a couple hours away... come anytime! But really, thanks to everyone who made my last few weeks in Virginia Beach a blast. I miss you guys already!

Monday, April 18, 2005

First Sun of the Year

Not weather wise. Sunburn wise.

I went to Portsmouth yesterday to watch my friend Jason play baseball (and yes Molly, he showed this time). The past couple of days had been cold and extremely windy, so it was a pleasant surprise to walk out to the car and immediately take my jacket off and think oh man, its beautiful outside! It was only about 65 or 70 out, so not hot enough that it even occurred to me that sunscreen might be a good idea. The first exposure of the year usually leads to sunburn, and sure enough I have spent all day today being made fun of because the right side of my face is noticeably more burned than the left. Guess we were sitting just right. Jason got it even across his face, and another friend Becki, who was sitting right next to me, didnt get it bad at all. Guess its just my luck. But hey, maybe on my drive I can even it out, get a little sun on the left.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Catch Up Tasker 1 completed....

OK Molly, its done. Since youve been telling me for weeks now to put those pictures on a website, I finally did it. Im not sure if I missed any, so if you want more please let me know and Ill be on it.

Watched one of my favorite bands on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show last night. This was their first big TV appearance, and they were awesome. Not only because the band is composed of four quite nice looking young men (read: HOTTIES), but because they really looked like they were having a blast. They looked a little nervous at first, but the thing I love about them is when they are on stage, you can tell that they are doing it because they really and truly love it.

Off to Keagan's again tonight... Paul, if you read this, come on out!

Friday, April 15, 2005

Playing Catch Up

I feel like these past 3 weeks I have gotten so far behind on everything, from work to being in touch with my family to seeing my friends.... and I hate it! Now I feel like these next few (last few?) days in Virginia Beach before I head up North need to be spent catching up with everyone. Which is made all the more difficult by my apartment currently being located in my car, therefore me being slightly unwilling to drive it any more than absolutely necessary... But the good news is that I have internet access in my hotel room, so there will probably be a few more updates to this in the next few days.

I spent the last 2 weeks learning the watch that Ill be standing in my new job, and also getting to know the people Ill be working with. Its amazing, the people are of a totally different caliber than anything I ever experienced on the last ship. I am actually enjoying their company, getting along well with my Chiefs, and enjoying myself a little. I learned a lot this week, and now its time to start learning my actual job. What, guns? Ammo? Clueless....