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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Catch Up Tasker 1 completed....

OK Molly, its done. Since youve been telling me for weeks now to put those pictures on a website, I finally did it. Im not sure if I missed any, so if you want more please let me know and Ill be on it.

Watched one of my favorite bands on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show last night. This was their first big TV appearance, and they were awesome. Not only because the band is composed of four quite nice looking young men (read: HOTTIES), but because they really looked like they were having a blast. They looked a little nervous at first, but the thing I love about them is when they are on stage, you can tell that they are doing it because they really and truly love it.

Off to Keagan's again tonight... Paul, if you read this, come on out!


Nam LaMore said...

i stopped playing the 'catch up' game a few years ago. my life coach (i know, seems lame to have one), suggested that i just live off lists, and, that way, there's never any need to try to complete stuff .. just go to the the next/random item on my list.

i just remember feeling so pressured to check off items from my 'to do' lists .. now, i just check off items as i remember.

Mollina said...

I got the pics, Bec. Thanks! Now, if I can just get a stupid ink cartridge purchased, I'll print them up. My photo wall needs some new material.