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Monday, April 18, 2005

First Sun of the Year

Not weather wise. Sunburn wise.

I went to Portsmouth yesterday to watch my friend Jason play baseball (and yes Molly, he showed this time). The past couple of days had been cold and extremely windy, so it was a pleasant surprise to walk out to the car and immediately take my jacket off and think oh man, its beautiful outside! It was only about 65 or 70 out, so not hot enough that it even occurred to me that sunscreen might be a good idea. The first exposure of the year usually leads to sunburn, and sure enough I have spent all day today being made fun of because the right side of my face is noticeably more burned than the left. Guess we were sitting just right. Jason got it even across his face, and another friend Becki, who was sitting right next to me, didnt get it bad at all. Guess its just my luck. But hey, maybe on my drive I can even it out, get a little sun on the left.

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Mollina said...

May I recommend using a daily moisturizer that contains SPF. All the major brands have them now. It kind of helps knowing that you are always covered, at least a little bit, if you forget to put on the full-blown sun screen. And....always remember....the temperature doesn't have to be high to get burned - think ski slopes!