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Friday, April 15, 2005

Playing Catch Up

I feel like these past 3 weeks I have gotten so far behind on everything, from work to being in touch with my family to seeing my friends.... and I hate it! Now I feel like these next few (last few?) days in Virginia Beach before I head up North need to be spent catching up with everyone. Which is made all the more difficult by my apartment currently being located in my car, therefore me being slightly unwilling to drive it any more than absolutely necessary... But the good news is that I have internet access in my hotel room, so there will probably be a few more updates to this in the next few days.

I spent the last 2 weeks learning the watch that Ill be standing in my new job, and also getting to know the people Ill be working with. Its amazing, the people are of a totally different caliber than anything I ever experienced on the last ship. I am actually enjoying their company, getting along well with my Chiefs, and enjoying myself a little. I learned a lot this week, and now its time to start learning my actual job. What, guns? Ammo? Clueless....

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Mollina said...

I miss you, too! Life is certainly different, and I will definately miss being out with everyone tonight. It's probably good, though, as my fundage has died. Seriously, it's 6-feet-under, drowned by too many pints of Stella. So my wallet and my liver are happy for the detox. Have fun, and put all those pics on a web site while you're at the blogging! Give me something to do this weekend!