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Friday, April 29, 2005

One week down

Today marked the end of the first full week of work that I have had in MONTHS. Yes, you read right, MONTHS. I have a division. Actually, I have two divisions, plus one that Im half owning because ASWO isnt here yet... and work to do... and people besides just MAC.... and Im EXHAUSTED!!

I came home from work today, put a movie in with the intent of hanging out for a little while, and slept for almost 2 hours (I almost wrote weeks there... see?) I need to get re-used to this whole working thing... and PT in the morning too.... Im gonna be one tired little girl for a little while!

But on a positive note, I am really liking my new command. A whole different world than the last ship. Everything that could be better is, and thats pretty much everything!

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