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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

To Maine...

Well, Im off.

This morning I left Virginia Beach for the next six months, en route to the not-so-new world of Southern Maine. Ive been there before, many times, but only on vacation. It is definitely going to be a little different living there for the next 6 months, even more because Ill be living out of a hotel room for most of that time, and the ship for the rest. But Im looking forward to it, nice weather and good lobstah.

The hardest thing about leaving, though, was the one thing that always is. No matter what I somehow always manage to make some really good friends right before I move. This time was no different. In the last month or so I had started hanging out with some really awesome people that I cant wait to see again when I come back or when they come up North. Boston rocks... Im only a couple hours away... come anytime! But really, thanks to everyone who made my last few weeks in Virginia Beach a blast. I miss you guys already!

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Mollina said...

I feel your pain!