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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sad Loss

As everyone loses friends and classmates in Iraq, I found out this morning that a former company mate of mine died in Annapolis following the PRT.

Myron Ludvick was a second class when I was a plebe, and one of my favorite memories of him was when he was second class training sergeant and one night he took all of us plebes up into the attic above 4th wing, sat us all down, and talked to us. Not at us, like so many people did that year, but to us, and with us. He asked us what we thought, and actually listened. I saw Myron earlier this year when I was in Annapolis for service assignment night, and I reminded him of this story, and he had forgotten about it entirely. Thats just an example of Myron's style, the type of person that he was. The midshipmen are truly missing out on what I am convinced would have been an amazing company officer. I am honored to have known him, and his family is in my prayers.

The article is linked or can be found on the USNA home page.


Mollina said...

I'm so sorry. It's funny the memories that stick with us. Some good, some bad. But they all have a purpose in our lives. Sounds like Myron's example has a purpose in your life. Living that example is the best tribute you could ever pay him.

Rebecca Lynn said...

Thanks. You are totally right.

Anonymous said...

Myron was a great guy like that. He and I were roommates in high school. He is missed.