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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Whats the meaning of it all?

So why does anyone write a blog? Molly and I had a really interesting conversation that kind of skimmed this issue last night after someone got slightly offended by something I wrote here. This person is not someone I know, not someone whose name I knew at the time I wrote it, but someone that I made an observation about in certain context in a post I wrote a while back. I put the link to my blog on a few profiles I have floating around on the internet, and, randomly enough, this person happened to come across my blog, and in what must have been a bored state because the above referenced post is old enough that in order to access it you have to actually click the link to read the post in which she was referenced. (I know I know, this seems all vague and all, but there's no reason to be any more detailed than that)

The point of all this is to ask a question and offer up some thoughts. Why do you write a blog? I write my blog for many reasons. It is an outlet, a place I can go and write what I think, how I feel, and what is going through my head at the time. It is a method of communication between me and people that I live miles away from. Basically, I write what I want. I call things as I see them. I never go out with the intent of slandering anyone or judging anyone or anything else... Ive had enough random people post on here to know that you never know who will read something. I keep my posts clean (especially now that I know my parents have found this site... oh man thats two in a row that Ive mentioned that...) but Im not tailoring my writing to anyone but me.

OK, I lied. There really isn't a point to this. And you know what? I am alright with that. If you read this, or any blog for that matter, and you dont like something, well, unless there are some legit slander issues or something, get over it and grow up are about all I can say. Because while said post was edited this time, dont expect it to happen again.


Paul said...

You know, I came across the world of blogs in a very similar situation, and made an enormous ass of myself. You see, it's really a private thing, but yet a public outlet to share your thoughts and feelings, for all the reasons you said, with nobody in particular.
And whe people come across that and just don't understand - particularly if they don't blog themselves - it can be oh so ugly.
So I say keep posting, half the fun of this closet life of thoughts I lead blogging is that I don't share it with people, and they can find it and see for themselves when they get there.

Rebecca Lynn said...

Thanks dude. Thats pretty much what I thought. Me and said person are on amicable terms now though... call me later and Ill give you the REAL story that I will never post in a public forum...