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These words are my diary screaming out loud

Monday, November 28, 2005

And the moral of the story is...

I decided not to go to Philly. It would have just been stupid. Plus none of the girls I knew were going to be able to go, so it wouldnt have been as fun anyways.

Thanksgiving at my parents house was quite nice. I got to relax, eat a lot, watch some football, and spend some time with my family. My aunt's sushi and potstickers were amazing, that was reason enough to go home right there.

Rent was WONDERFUL. It was a little different than the show, but it was still almost dead on when it came to the music and the plot. They always have to change a little bit, but for the most part it was perfect. I wanted to sing along, but I refrained. But once I get that DVD... watch out!

Closing on my house is today. I can hardly wait. Tonight I may not have a bed, but Im sleeping in MY HOUSE! Such a nice feeling.

Its amazing the things you learn while on watch. I stood my first inport deck watch in over a year the other night, and I had the ship's Career counselor standing under me. She has quite a personality, and she was talking a lot, but one thing she said really hit home for me. She was talking about the religious plays that the black churches put on, and how they always have a moral. She talked about one in particular that really hit home, especially after what went on this week. She talked about letting go. It was more in the relationship setting, but the idea was that you can go around holding a grudge and feeling bad and thinking about it, but the person that hurt you sure isnt feeling bad about it, theyre living their life doing whatever theyre going to do, so why bother? Its better just to let it go. And you know what? Shes totally right. So talk away girls. Cuz I dont care anymore.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving, also a slight debate.

1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope that all of you have safe travels and great Turkey Day. I will spend the day tomorrow with my family, and being thankful for everything that I have. Because as much as I may hate my life sometimes, the truth is that I know I am extremely lucky to have a family that loves me as much as mine does and friends that would go to the ends of the world for me the way I know a lot of you will. So I dont really like my job. There are FAR worse things.

2. Still debating the Philly thing. My friend Jaime is supposed to be going, and I havent seen her in ages, and this is my last chance to see the boys before they open for Bon Jovi and get HUGE. Oh the decisions I have to make... its probably going to come down to how I feel on Friday. We shall see.

3. On another note. What the hell is it with girls? Not all girls (in fact, this is truly about one in general, although Ill never say who in this public forum), just the ones who cant seem to get past high school. Honey, get over yourself. Youre not special, and thinking youre pulling the wool over my eyes is just stupid. Ive been around a little longer than you have, and Ive seen it all. Grow up. That is all. Just needed to vent a little. Im done, I promise.

4. RENT comes out today. Yay :) I think Im going to see it tonight, and I cant wait.

Yeah, thats all. Have a great long weekend!!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Why are short weeks always longer than regular weeks?

I like Annapolis much better now that I am not stuck there all the time. Football games are 10 times more fun when a) the team actually WINS, and b) I can tailgate before/after the game to my little hearts content, and c) If I feel like leaving at halftime there is NOBODY who can stop me.

But let me back up a little. I went this weekend with Molly and her church/Coast Guard friends (who, I guess, are becoming my friends as well- its nice to go up that way and actually have some people to hang out with up there!!) to the Navy-Temple game. We had a great tailgater thanks to James's parking pass, complete with food, beer, beer pong, and a rowdy Mid tailgater right next to us. There was quite a crowd of us, and we had a great time. After the game, some of the girls came back to Nana and Nonni's house and we napped and cleaned up before heading to Armadillo's, which somehow has become the new Mid hangout the last couple of years. Some of James's friends had a band while they were Mids, and they had a little reunion show upstairs. It was a good time, and would have been even better if I had not had duty yesterday and could have stayed all night. But, since I always have duty tomorrow, I had to head out a little earlier than I would have liked and head home. But I had a blast.

Yesterday was catching up on the sleep I didnt get when I was driving home. Im supposed to be going to Philly on Friday and driving back overnight again, but Im really not sure I want to do it. I was supposed to have my duty covered in the morning, but my CDO isnt so cool with that so I think I still have to be here at 630. A 10pm show in Philly with a 630 liberty expiration... Im not so sure that would work... So sorry Snoozebox, I love you guys, but I love me too, and I dont want to be UA or die.

Thanksgiving should be a good time. Its my brother David's last week before he heads off to boot camp, and apparently he's a little nervous about it. But if he can do NAPS and part of plebe summer, he can survive Great Lakes. Hes as smart as they come, so that part will be easy, but he also already knows how to play the mind games, and thats all it is.

Off to go pretend like Im working... Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

Oh, and PS- what IS it about short weeks that always makes them feel longer???

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

On the way back home

I have decided that for the most part, I like South Florida. The weather is great, the people are quite receptive to the military, there's plenty of money. (Although Im not sure if that part is good or bad... unless of course I come into money...) Really though, I had a great week down there. I spent minimal money, got a tan, got to see an old friend, and didn't pass out at the commissioning ceremony. I think I'd call that a success.

Yes, the ceremony went quite well. After spending a couple of hours Friday evening babysitting the CO's 6 year old son (it wasnt bad- we watched the first half of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Now I need to watch the rest.) I was able to get a good nights sleep before what I knew was going to be a long day on Saturday. And long it was. Starting with duty section turnover, into usher muster at 815 for an 1100 ceremony. I spent most of the ceremony doing crowd control of sorts- there were not enough chairs for all the people that showed up, so we were trying to keep them to the sides, not blocking the whole "fire escape" area. Immediately following the ceremony, I went over the reception, where the food ran out in about 30 minutes but there was plenty of beer. My old navigator, who is from Fort Lauderdale and moved back after he got out of the Navy, came to the ceremony with his girlfriend, Alsi, and took pictures for me, so once I get them up, all the pictures from the ceremony actual can be credited to them. Then I went back to the ship and got roped into giving a tour for some Lockheed Martin VLS builders, then my GMCS reenlisted. Finally I was able to get off the ship, sometime close to 4, and just about everyone was gone. Luckily, we had a JO car that noone wanted, so I got it to myself. I went out and had a drink with GMCS at his post-reenlistment thing, then headed out to Brian and Alsi's apartment for dinner and an eventual trek to Miami to a club. I had a lot of fun- those of you who know me know Im not generally a club person, but I actually enjoyed this place- the music wasnt all the normal booty-shaking club music. There was actually a room that was playing a lot of 80s, which was fine with me :)

Sunday another gentleman from the Alumni Association took a few of us out on his boat. We were supposed to go offshore fishing, but a small craft advisory nixed that and we just went up the intracoastal waterway a while, stopped and got some food, and went back. It was awesome- really relaxing, got a chance to get some sun, no stress... just what I needed to end out the week. Now we are on our way back to Norfolk, not getting near enough sleep, and packing a much as possible into these few days. Almost there....

Friday, November 11, 2005

The fun continues

This week has been so much fun. On Wednesday, a bunch of us from the ship went to a Florida Panthers/New York Rangers game in Miami. Hockey games are good times, but they sure don't fight like they used to. Then yesterday some of the ladies involved in the commissioning committee held a luncheon for the female family members of the crew as well as a bunch of female crew members. This house was amazing, and the catered lunch was excellent as well. My only regret is that I didnt take a picture of the chocolate cake they served- it was AMAZING. Last night we had a reception on board the ship for all the committee members as well as some others that have contributed either money or set up events throughout the week. Following that, all of the officers that werent on duty, minus about 3, went out to a bar. Im talking XO, several department heads, and a bunch of JOs. About 2/3 of them were in whites, and it was tons of fun. I have pictures to prove it... and people wonder why I take my camera out :)

Today Im on duty, and I got tapped for babystting duty for the CO's 6 year old son. Thrilling. The big commissioning reception is tonight, and I would have loved to have gone but oh well. Not so thrilled about being stuck with the CO's son- apparently last night he was beating the hell out of his mother, just let him try to do something like that to me. Tomorrow is the ceremony, and I think Im going out with my old boss afterwards. Then on Sunday is a little boating/fishing trip with a guy from the Alumni Association. This week has been a blast, and Im looking forward to the rest of it!

More pictures are up, take a look on the link posted earlier.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Chaine des Rotisseurs

I knew there were still high society organizations in America, you know, like the Hibernians in Charleston and things like that, but I have never had any contact with any of them until tonight. On board the ship tonight, we had an organization called the Chaine des Rotisseurs, who trace themselves back to 1248 in France. It was originally started by some artesian chefs who devoted themselves to presentation of the King's table or something. They existed until the French revolution, and kind of disappeared until 1950 when it started up again. Now they pride themselves on good food and good wine and good fellowship. They have 4 rules: 1. No smoking at the table until after dessert. 2. Speeches are not permitted. 3. Hot courses are eaten immediately upon being served. 4. (My favorite) Water will always be served upon request. Basically its a bunch of rich doctors and lawyers and the like. Tonight they were inducting new members, and worked something out to have their induction dinner on the ship, with 10 crew members invited as guests.

I just ate the best meal of my entire life, I think. Here is the menu, verbatim, no joke. Theres a picture of it on my Photobucket.

Passed Hors D'Oeuvres: Jerk seared tuna, callaloo stew, coconut Yucca cake. Leg Duck confit cakes, mango salsa, berry demi glace. Basil seared scallops, truffle mushroom crostini, carmelized shallot relish. Mumm Cordon Rouge Brut Champagne.

Dinner. Course 1. Chilled and grilled "Courtesy of Wilma" Mango wood prawns, spicy yellow tomato cocktail sauce. Nicolas Joly Savannieres "Les Clos Sacres" white wine. Course 2. Rare seared beef carpaccio with shaved regiano, caper and herb confetti, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Crostini. Chateau La Dominique St. Emilion Red Wine. Course 3. Wattle Seed dusted quail, pumpkin-porcini mash, spicy candied hazelnuts. Archery Summit Pinot Noir Renegade Ridge Estate Red wine. Course 4. Grill Braised Lamb Osso Bucco in Red Wine Sauce with soft polenta and roasted baby carrots.

Cheese. A selection of artesian cheeses. Vall Llach Priorat Red wine

Dessert. Spiced Pear Creme Brule "pot pie" layered with chocolate ganache, macadamian-hazelnut crust, spiced fresh whipped cream. Recioto di Soave Campo Monte Croce dessert wine.
And finally Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 year old sipping Rum.

Yeah. Best meal ever. Stretched out over about 3 hours. Now I need to go to sleep.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Hello from Sunny Florida!

The skies are a little overcast, and there's still a bit of hurricane damage, but its about 80 degrees, and Im loving it! We just pulled into Port Everglades, Florida, and I cant wait to get out and about and explore South Florida. Ive never been here before, besides that Glee Club tour Plebe year, so this is kind of exciting. I took a bunch of pictures on the way in, and Ill be taking many more throughout the week. Take a peek if you like- for all you Coasties, theres one in there I took thinking of all yall :) Now its off to the port brief and hopefully to get out of here!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

And a hearty welcome back to my venting outlet...

One of the few things I miss from my last ship (besides having some authority as the Officer of the Deck, but thats another story) is my roommates. I lived with two women that, had I met them in other conditions, I probably would not have hung out with. We were about as different as three women could be, ethnically, religiously, marital status, upbringing... yet we got along beautifully, and no matter what kind of day we were having or what was going on, we could always sit together before bed and just talk. About anything. We would laugh, sometimes to the point where the XO would come over and ask what the hell could be making us so happy (he was kind of a grumpy guy). We would cry, whether it be over men, or frustrations with work, or life in general, or just because we were exhausted. We would all three lay in our racks and talk between them. It was great- I knew that no matter what, I always had them there for me.

On this ship, I dont have that. Its just me. The only other female officer is the Engineer, and she lives across the hall and doesnt want me to move in with her because she doesnt want the women to have to move around any time a rider comes aboard. I have some great friends on the ship, but none of them are like having a girl to vent to, and none of them are my roommates. Therefore, I have come to rely on the internet, namely this blog and email, as my outlets. They say you dont really know what youve got til its gone, and lemme tell you, these past 4 days Ive known what I was missing. We have had no internet, no email, not even any secret email. No phones. But we did have our DirecTV. Funny how that works. We couldnt get any business done, and noone could communicate with the outside world. I just came off of watch (10-2) to find it all back up, and Ive missed it so much Im sacrificing sleep right now to catch up. And those of you who know me well know how rare it is for me to sacrifice sleep.... So welcome back internet. Ive missed you!!