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Saturday, November 05, 2005

And a hearty welcome back to my venting outlet...

One of the few things I miss from my last ship (besides having some authority as the Officer of the Deck, but thats another story) is my roommates. I lived with two women that, had I met them in other conditions, I probably would not have hung out with. We were about as different as three women could be, ethnically, religiously, marital status, upbringing... yet we got along beautifully, and no matter what kind of day we were having or what was going on, we could always sit together before bed and just talk. About anything. We would laugh, sometimes to the point where the XO would come over and ask what the hell could be making us so happy (he was kind of a grumpy guy). We would cry, whether it be over men, or frustrations with work, or life in general, or just because we were exhausted. We would all three lay in our racks and talk between them. It was great- I knew that no matter what, I always had them there for me.

On this ship, I dont have that. Its just me. The only other female officer is the Engineer, and she lives across the hall and doesnt want me to move in with her because she doesnt want the women to have to move around any time a rider comes aboard. I have some great friends on the ship, but none of them are like having a girl to vent to, and none of them are my roommates. Therefore, I have come to rely on the internet, namely this blog and email, as my outlets. They say you dont really know what youve got til its gone, and lemme tell you, these past 4 days Ive known what I was missing. We have had no internet, no email, not even any secret email. No phones. But we did have our DirecTV. Funny how that works. We couldnt get any business done, and noone could communicate with the outside world. I just came off of watch (10-2) to find it all back up, and Ive missed it so much Im sacrificing sleep right now to catch up. And those of you who know me well know how rare it is for me to sacrifice sleep.... So welcome back internet. Ive missed you!!

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