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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving, also a slight debate.

1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope that all of you have safe travels and great Turkey Day. I will spend the day tomorrow with my family, and being thankful for everything that I have. Because as much as I may hate my life sometimes, the truth is that I know I am extremely lucky to have a family that loves me as much as mine does and friends that would go to the ends of the world for me the way I know a lot of you will. So I dont really like my job. There are FAR worse things.

2. Still debating the Philly thing. My friend Jaime is supposed to be going, and I havent seen her in ages, and this is my last chance to see the boys before they open for Bon Jovi and get HUGE. Oh the decisions I have to make... its probably going to come down to how I feel on Friday. We shall see.

3. On another note. What the hell is it with girls? Not all girls (in fact, this is truly about one in general, although Ill never say who in this public forum), just the ones who cant seem to get past high school. Honey, get over yourself. Youre not special, and thinking youre pulling the wool over my eyes is just stupid. Ive been around a little longer than you have, and Ive seen it all. Grow up. That is all. Just needed to vent a little. Im done, I promise.

4. RENT comes out today. Yay :) I think Im going to see it tonight, and I cant wait.

Yeah, thats all. Have a great long weekend!!

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