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Monday, November 21, 2005

Why are short weeks always longer than regular weeks?

I like Annapolis much better now that I am not stuck there all the time. Football games are 10 times more fun when a) the team actually WINS, and b) I can tailgate before/after the game to my little hearts content, and c) If I feel like leaving at halftime there is NOBODY who can stop me.

But let me back up a little. I went this weekend with Molly and her church/Coast Guard friends (who, I guess, are becoming my friends as well- its nice to go up that way and actually have some people to hang out with up there!!) to the Navy-Temple game. We had a great tailgater thanks to James's parking pass, complete with food, beer, beer pong, and a rowdy Mid tailgater right next to us. There was quite a crowd of us, and we had a great time. After the game, some of the girls came back to Nana and Nonni's house and we napped and cleaned up before heading to Armadillo's, which somehow has become the new Mid hangout the last couple of years. Some of James's friends had a band while they were Mids, and they had a little reunion show upstairs. It was a good time, and would have been even better if I had not had duty yesterday and could have stayed all night. But, since I always have duty tomorrow, I had to head out a little earlier than I would have liked and head home. But I had a blast.

Yesterday was catching up on the sleep I didnt get when I was driving home. Im supposed to be going to Philly on Friday and driving back overnight again, but Im really not sure I want to do it. I was supposed to have my duty covered in the morning, but my CDO isnt so cool with that so I think I still have to be here at 630. A 10pm show in Philly with a 630 liberty expiration... Im not so sure that would work... So sorry Snoozebox, I love you guys, but I love me too, and I dont want to be UA or die.

Thanksgiving should be a good time. Its my brother David's last week before he heads off to boot camp, and apparently he's a little nervous about it. But if he can do NAPS and part of plebe summer, he can survive Great Lakes. Hes as smart as they come, so that part will be easy, but he also already knows how to play the mind games, and thats all it is.

Off to go pretend like Im working... Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

Oh, and PS- what IS it about short weeks that always makes them feel longer???


Mollina said...

Don't go to Philly. I don't want you driving that late. You know it makes me nervous!

Rebecca Lynn said...

Im still debating... My friend Jaime (Jason's (maybe ex??) girlfriend is going, and I havent seen her in AGES... I dont know. I promise, if I do it I will be SUPER careful and I will sleep a ton before I go...