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Friday, November 11, 2005

The fun continues

This week has been so much fun. On Wednesday, a bunch of us from the ship went to a Florida Panthers/New York Rangers game in Miami. Hockey games are good times, but they sure don't fight like they used to. Then yesterday some of the ladies involved in the commissioning committee held a luncheon for the female family members of the crew as well as a bunch of female crew members. This house was amazing, and the catered lunch was excellent as well. My only regret is that I didnt take a picture of the chocolate cake they served- it was AMAZING. Last night we had a reception on board the ship for all the committee members as well as some others that have contributed either money or set up events throughout the week. Following that, all of the officers that werent on duty, minus about 3, went out to a bar. Im talking XO, several department heads, and a bunch of JOs. About 2/3 of them were in whites, and it was tons of fun. I have pictures to prove it... and people wonder why I take my camera out :)

Today Im on duty, and I got tapped for babystting duty for the CO's 6 year old son. Thrilling. The big commissioning reception is tonight, and I would have loved to have gone but oh well. Not so thrilled about being stuck with the CO's son- apparently last night he was beating the hell out of his mother, just let him try to do something like that to me. Tomorrow is the ceremony, and I think Im going out with my old boss afterwards. Then on Sunday is a little boating/fishing trip with a guy from the Alumni Association. This week has been a blast, and Im looking forward to the rest of it!

More pictures are up, take a look on the link posted earlier.

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