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These words are my diary screaming out loud

Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Last Weekend

So its our last weekend... I can't believe that Molly and I are both moving, and that we won't be roommates anymore. Crazy... We started our weekend off with a bang Friday night, took a little road trip to Richmond and saw Ingram Hill play again. It was awesome to see them actually plugged in- they were great acoustic, mind you, but this was even better. It was a fairly decent sized club, but the crowd was really small. It was, however, a great crowd- everyone knew all the words, and sang along. I think it made the guys feel a little better about the size of the crowd.

Interestingly, the bassist's girlfriend was in the crowd this time. Cute enough, [and believe it or not, she has actually read my Blog, and so, for my good deed of the week, this part has been removed...]

Last night we went out to Mo and O'Malley's to see our friends Kevin and Randy play, which was fun. Usually those nights are pretty mellow- they play more of the Dave Matthews/John Mayer/Jack Johnson type stuff, so its nice and quiet for the most part, and we had a great time.

Today, Easter Sunday, were gonna do brunch and then come home and get ready for the movers to come this week....

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Rock Star Nights

I have often used the phrase "Party like a rock star" to describe an unusually hard party weekend, but this past weekend I can finally say that I partied with the rock stars :) Well, maybe not really rock stars, but they will be! I went and saw the band Ingram Hill the other night on the Spirit of Norfolk (dinner cruise, they have them all over the place) with Molly, my friend Jen, and her friend Tony, and somehow I managed to get the band, the opening band, the road crew, and half the radio crew to come out to Mo and O'Malley's with us afterwards. And it only gets better... not only did we get them to come to our bar, but we ended up going back and partying with them further once the bars closed... one of those weekends where the pictures are there, and in a few years when they get past playing small clubs and college campuses I can look back and say I partied with them in Norfolk once!

It only got better from there. The next morning (well, OK, early afternoon) when we finally made it to brunch at the local Irish watering hole, we walked in to find a large table of loud, drunk Irishmen. We had our meals, then moved over to the bar to visit with Steve the bartender (who had just made us some outstanding Bloody Marys) and ended up sitting with these Irishmen as they continued to get drunker... and it was only about 5:00.

All in all, combined with the interesting events of Friday night that I won't even get into, it was a weekend to remember. Too bad there are only a few pictures!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Moving On update #1

Well, its been a little over a week since I decided I was done with Stupid Marine, and so far I think I'm doing alright. Two days after the aforereferenced incident, he did finally call, leaving a lengthy excuse on my voicemail that did not have an ounce of apology in it. My first reaction was what, it takes your phone two days to charge after the battery dies? Going Zack Morris style or something? But thanks to the help of Molly and our friend Terra, who listened to the voice mail with me when I put it on speakerphone, I have not spoken to him. I have not called him, and he has not called back.

I am proud of myself in many regards. He has been messing with me for years, and its time to move on and put him out of my life so he can stop hurting me. There's another part of me, though, and understandably I think, that is just hurting over it. The disappointment is so real- when he was in Iraq we talked about how he didn't write at all while I was on deployment, and I made it clear that it could all be fine and dandy while he was over there but the minute he got back I was stopping with the effort. Maybe he didn't believe me. I think that he really must have though yeah right, she's never done that before, why would she do it now. Well, guess what. I win. I did it, and I'm week one into life without Joe, and I'm doing just fine. For now. Im sure it will get harder, because at some point, somewhere down the line, he's going to call, or he's going to e-mail, either in mass or individual form. It is going to take every ounce of strength I have not to answer that call, or to hit delete on the email. But I think I can. In fact, I know I can.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Cooties? Maybe so....

Everyone knows that boys are stupid. We learn it at quite an early age, that boys are stupider and have cooties and we should not go near them, blah blah blah. Then we get to an age where we decide that was totally wrong and boys are the greatest thing in the world, and that lasts for a few years, usually ones ending in teen. Eventually, at some point, however, we realize that, in fact, boys really are stupid. They never call when they're supposed to. They tell you they will call you and tell you where to meet for dinner, then when you finally call them they ask if you have eaten yet, and oh, maybe they should get a bigger table. Then, they say they'll meet you at the bar, so when you leave, you say "see you in a few minutes," like they really are going to meet you at the bar. Then, of course, they don't show up, and, on top of that, don't bother to call and make up an excuse for not coming out. And then, the next day, nothing.

Well, for those of you that haven't guessed that this is what happened to me last night, you must be boys. Yes, boys and girls, the infamous Joe has struck again. However, this time I am taking a stand. I am no longer putting up with this crap. I know I've said it before, but this time.... well, I'll let you take the attitude on this that I've taken towards him: believe when you see it.

And wish me luck, because it is going to be a potentially difficult and painful ride.