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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Cooties? Maybe so....

Everyone knows that boys are stupid. We learn it at quite an early age, that boys are stupider and have cooties and we should not go near them, blah blah blah. Then we get to an age where we decide that was totally wrong and boys are the greatest thing in the world, and that lasts for a few years, usually ones ending in teen. Eventually, at some point, however, we realize that, in fact, boys really are stupid. They never call when they're supposed to. They tell you they will call you and tell you where to meet for dinner, then when you finally call them they ask if you have eaten yet, and oh, maybe they should get a bigger table. Then, they say they'll meet you at the bar, so when you leave, you say "see you in a few minutes," like they really are going to meet you at the bar. Then, of course, they don't show up, and, on top of that, don't bother to call and make up an excuse for not coming out. And then, the next day, nothing.

Well, for those of you that haven't guessed that this is what happened to me last night, you must be boys. Yes, boys and girls, the infamous Joe has struck again. However, this time I am taking a stand. I am no longer putting up with this crap. I know I've said it before, but this time.... well, I'll let you take the attitude on this that I've taken towards him: believe when you see it.

And wish me luck, because it is going to be a potentially difficult and painful ride.

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