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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Rock Star Nights

I have often used the phrase "Party like a rock star" to describe an unusually hard party weekend, but this past weekend I can finally say that I partied with the rock stars :) Well, maybe not really rock stars, but they will be! I went and saw the band Ingram Hill the other night on the Spirit of Norfolk (dinner cruise, they have them all over the place) with Molly, my friend Jen, and her friend Tony, and somehow I managed to get the band, the opening band, the road crew, and half the radio crew to come out to Mo and O'Malley's with us afterwards. And it only gets better... not only did we get them to come to our bar, but we ended up going back and partying with them further once the bars closed... one of those weekends where the pictures are there, and in a few years when they get past playing small clubs and college campuses I can look back and say I partied with them in Norfolk once!

It only got better from there. The next morning (well, OK, early afternoon) when we finally made it to brunch at the local Irish watering hole, we walked in to find a large table of loud, drunk Irishmen. We had our meals, then moved over to the bar to visit with Steve the bartender (who had just made us some outstanding Bloody Marys) and ended up sitting with these Irishmen as they continued to get drunker... and it was only about 5:00.

All in all, combined with the interesting events of Friday night that I won't even get into, it was a weekend to remember. Too bad there are only a few pictures!

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Molly broke her thumb! Ha!