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Sunday, December 12, 2004

A Series of Unrelated Thoughts

I think I have finally realized just how spoiled I have been in my job. I got nice and used to working as long as I needed to, and when I was done for the day, leaving. Now that our CO has implemented mandatory 0600-1545 working hours, I have begun to understand why people hate their jobs, and why people are forced to do things to waste time at work like play on the internet, or read the paper, or sit on the phone... Mostly because thats what I do now. My vocabulary has been greatly expounded by the Washington Post Crossword Puzzle, and I know more about whats going on the news in the past three weeks than Ive known in months!


I love Christmas time. Christmas music playing everywhere, lights, decorations. Molly and I kept saying we were going to put up lights, and find all our Christmas decorations. Not so much... the closest weve come is the little tree being up. Nothing on it, but its up! Except that I was writing this I decided that I needed to decorate. So in the 45 minutes since I started writing this I have dug out all my ornaments, put them on the tree, and put lights on the Christmas tree, the other tree in the house, and up on the balcony. I feel so festive...


I realized earlier that this weekend was Messiah weekend back in Annapolis. As hectic as that weekend always was, it was one of my favorite weekends of the year. 2 performances of Messiah, performances and taping of Christmas in Washington... Then I just found out that this year they didnt even do Christmas in Washington. Ever since TNT took the show from NBC a few years back, theyve been slowly phasing the Glee Club out of the show, and this year Doc Talley finally decided that they werent going to do it anymore. Good for him, but that stinks for the kids that wont get a chance to experience it.


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katielady said...

Nice ramblings my dear! I like your blog, interesting stuff!

Oh, and welcome to the work-a-day world. Sucks, doesn't it?