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Monday, May 16, 2005

Blast From the Not So Distant Past

I was cleaning out my Hotmail inbox earlier, and somehow all the emails that I got from Joe the first time he was in Iraq in 2003 ended up in there. Talk about things I really didnt need to see right now... It was kinda wierd. Made me reminisce a little, and there was a little twinge of the heart action (cheezy I know, but not really sure how else to describe it) but I didnt miss him. I deleted them all. I read three- the first one I got, when I found out he was gone, the first one I got from his ship email a couple days later, and the one he started to write and then realized I was on my way to meet him on the flight line as he was coming home so stopped but still hit send. It was refreshing to realize that while I still have some fond memories of him, I didn't cry reading those emails. In fact, I didn't come close. Im coming closer now writing about it, but only to the point where there's a mini lump in my throat. I think thats quite an accomplishment- 2 months ago Im pretty sure I would have lost it and wanted to call him or email him or something. Not happening :)

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