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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

And it was well worth it.

While I did not particularly care for the high pitched squealing, which Phil told me was 2 decibels higher on average than your normal aircraft taking off, or the fact that none of the little girls believed us when we swore to them that Ingram Hill's bus was, in fact, not Jesse McCartney's bus, I had a GREAT time last night at the concert. Seeing Ingram Hill is always awesome, and this time was no different. I went with my friend Sarah, who has been to about 20 Ingram Hill shows, and we were just about the only hard core IH fans there. We were sitting in the front row, and the guys kept looking at us trying not to laugh, to a point where this 15 year old girl behind me was CONVINCED Justin was checking me out... as much as I would like to say why yes, yes he is, I just told her no, he knows us, its the whole familiar face thing. Of course the "you KNOW them?" look was priceless... We got more "are yall the bands groupies?" and "are you their friends?" and "how do you know them?" questions than I can count, but in the end it was awesome to see them selling so many CDs, and see so many girls actually miss part of Jesse's show to get their autographs, and see them making new fans. The only thing that would have ruined the night would have been not getting to talk to them and give them the shirts I brought them, but I did. That and after security made everyone leave I went and got my car and went back over and talked to them for a little while longer... The drive home was pretty much miserable, but it was worth it. Looking forward to at least 3, maybe 5 more shows this summer...

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