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Monday, August 15, 2005

SPAM??? In my BLOG????

Did anyone else get that? Molly, I know you did... this makes me really mad!! So if youre a spammer and thinking about leaving me some spam comments, DONT!!!


Mollina said...

That was very bizarre! Today is the first time I've checked the blogs.... mine or otherwise.... in a while, so I hadn't seen the SPAM. I wonder if it was b/c of the hate-ish comment from that guy about making DC car-free? Then you got it b/c you posted on the same thing? But Katie didn't get it. Wierd.

katielady said...

Yes, very weird. I've never seen that before. You got SPAMMED!!!

Ew, is that SPAM all over you?

Mollina said...

There's an option you can select in your settings for word verification that is supposed to help stop this.... check it out in the "Comments" section under your settings.