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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Catching up - Days 242-246 (8/30-9/3)

Since this weekend I was otherwise occupied, doing a little catch up :)
242 (8/30): We performed this song as part of a Big River medley for the last concert of my high school choir career. Oh, the memories :)
243 (8/31): My future family in law threw us an awesome wedding shower at Red Top Mountain State Park in Georgia, on Lake Allatoona, on Saturday. I didn't get a chance to take any pictures, so I took this one from wikimedia. Link in the alt text.
244 (9/1): So, I'm a giant klutz, and my ankles are rubber. This is what happened at the end of my shower when I tried to step down off of a giant curb. It looks much better now, albeit tons of interesting colors. Made the rest of my weekend much less eventful than I had planned :(
245 (9/2): If money was not an issue, I'd get my fiance a sound board like this.
246 (9/3): Every time I drive through Richmond, I gaze longingly at this building (church?) and wish I could take a picture - way too pretty to be on the side of I-95. Yesterday, I wasn't driving, so I could finally do it myself :)

Phew! Caught up! For now, anyways :)

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