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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Days 279-295 (10/6-10/22)

Yeah yeah, I suck.... But here we go!

279 (10/6) -This was the fog trip. You can't see it all that well, but it was pretty dense, for a good while.
280 (10/7) - Matt was super excited to see the gar in the pond at the restaurant.
281 (10/8) -Seriously, could you ask for a better view every morning???
282 (10/9) -More of the backyard, with the Sunshine Skyway in the background
283 (10/10) - Happy birthday to me!! This was the candle on my cake. CRAZY.
284 (10/11) - Rehearsal dinner night. Did I mention it was in the backyard?
285 (10/12) - WEDDING DAY!! These were my flowers :)
286 (10/13) - Shadow pictures are fun :)
287 (10/14) - Lake Jackson at the Sebring City Pier at sunset - my father in law's old stomping grounds.
288 (10/15) - Lake Istakpoga, near Sebring, FL
289 (10/16) - Tetris!
290 (10/17) - The girls decorated the car a little. We got lots of honks and waves on the highway
291 (10/18) -We found a small BBQ joint when we stopped in the mountains of VA. It was DELICIOUS.
292 (10/19) - You guessed it, more FOG!
293 (10/20) - Starting the sorting process of all the presents, and these are some of our favorites -I think the only things on that cabinet that weren't wedding presents are the opener and the wine, although the wine was left from the wedding and rehearsal dinner!
294 (10/21) - I'd like the Island weather back please...

295 (10/22) - Another fun wedding gift :)

And PHEW! All caught up! Enjoy :)

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