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Thursday, January 30, 2014

OK Polar Vortex, You Can Leave Now.

If you live anywhere in the Eastern half of the United States, or Texas, or the Midwest, or the upper plains, or just about anywhere except California and South Florida, it seems, you can relate to my sentiment. I've had about enough of this.

This morning when I left for work my phone told me it was 7 degrees outside. Fahrenheit. And you know what? It actually felt WARMER than yesterday or the day before, because there was no wind!! Not that I wasn't still wearing sweatpants over my tights with my skirt in my purse, my ridiculous looking poofy down ski jacket with hood up over my hat, scarf around my face, and flaps buttoned over my chin, Ugg boots (I don't even want to hear it, those things are WARM), and gloves. Because you bet your happy ass I was. And then there's the part where I had to walk to the bus on the street because the sidewalk on the public road in my neighborhood is a sheet of ice.

And then there's the part where I don't get warm. It takes me hours to thaw out. And when your living room is in a basement, that just makes it worse. Combine that with the fact that our house does not heat evenly (thanks, builders, for putting the thermostat in the coldest part of the house) so while the rest of our house is freezing, the bedrooms upstairs are a sauna. Not super comfy.

But the good news is, it looks like we get a warm up starting tomorrow. HOORAY!! It's going to be in the 40s!! Kinda makes me want to pull out the picnic gear and lawn chairs! OK, not really. But the husband is going stir crazy, so I'm hoping at least the rivers thaw enough for him to go fishing. And I'd really like to get those Christmas snowflake light things down from the front of the house, but it's either been raining, too cold, too icy, or some combination of the three every weekend, and it definitely takes the two of us with the step ladder to do it.

And people ask why we want to move South... here's hoping February warms up a little bit. If not, 23 days until the Rock Boat...

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