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Sunday, August 06, 2006


Check out this awesome review written about my friend Amy Gerhartz recently. And when you're done, go check out her music. She rocks!

Oh, and while you're on a kick of checking out great new music, I have two more for you:

1. Braxton Parker. Formerly the lead singer of the Philly/North Jersey-based band Snoozebox, Braxton has recently embarked on a solo career. He rocks.

2. Florez. Winners of last year's Ice House Battle For The Boat, their new acoustic album, "The Brooker Sessions," is available for preorder on Aware Store. While you're at it, check out their first two CD's as well, available on iTunes as well as their website. If you regret it, let me know. I'll buy it back from you.


1 comment:

Arhythmius said...

Hi Rebecca, thanks for the link! Your friend Amy is quite an artist. Soon, you'll be able to tell people that you and Amy were buds before she hit the big time (and I think she will).

Nice blog, btw. You may have suffered at sea, but it makes for interesting reading. ;)