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Friday, November 29, 2013

Help Save Penelope

In my Thankfuls post the other day, one of the things I mentioned being thankful for is having health insurance, even if its not the best ever, because its better than nothing. If you've been following the Obamacare debate at all, you know that there are some folks out there, a very small number, who are just not going to benefit from it - they were out of luck before, and they're still not getting much with the new law. One of those people is someone that I met several years back when I used to go to local music shows all the time. Penelope has given endlessly, giving her time, money, heart, and soul to local bands and musicians in the DC area and neither asking nor expecting anything in return. And now she needs help. Her father has started a fund raising campaign to help pay for Penelope to have the bariatric surgery she desperately needs to stay alive, because even with Obamacare, the plans that she could afford will still leave her with huge out of pocket expenses, and most do not cover the surgery that she needs. In order to get the plan that would cover the surgery, she would be spending pretty much her entire paycheck on the premiums. A bad situation either way.

You can read more about Penelope's story on her website. Even if you've never attended a show in the DC area and never met Penelope, consider helping out, and consider sharing her story. No musician who has made it past singing cover shows at bars would be there without people like Penelope.

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