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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Oh, Colin. You are no fun.

Not any of my friends Colin. I still love you. I'm talking about Tropical Storm Colin.

This is not my first Tropical Storm or Hurricane experience. I've been through several, in fact. But this is the first time I've been in Florida for one, and the first time I've been through one in my current job. 

Sunday I went to the grocery store for a couple things that we hadn't gotten, for various reasons, on our early morning Target trip. The place looked like we were about to get a blizzard or a huge hurricane, not just a tropical storm. In an area that is not prone to flooding. It was ridiculous. And people have no respect. Oh, the express line is shorter? You have a full cart? You are more important than EVERYONE else? Thanks for making it so I didn't get to my car before the rain, assholes. 

Yesterday work was at least kind enough to let us out early, since the area of town where I work is VERY prone to flooding. I was able to make it to my car before any monsoons started, and not by much - before I was even a mile away, it was coming down pretty well, and sideways. There was definitely a spot on the highway where everyone was going 25. And oh by the way, THAT'S NOT WHAT YOUR HAZARD LIGHTS ARE FOR. 

It was good to make it home before the real worst of it, though. And in all reality, in my neck of the woods, the real worst of it was lots of rain and some wind. The tiny tree at our less than a year old Wawa came down. That's the extent of any damage I saw in my neighborhood. 

It wouldn't have been that bad if I could have made the decision to stay home today - I actually thought about it. But Tuesdays are basically unmanageable for me these days. I have 3 regular meetings that all happen at the same time on Tuesday, and the one I have been directed to not miss is not the most important. Go figure. I decided I wasn't going to drive in the dark, because floods, and because it was thunderstorming pretty heavily this morning. I slept in a little extra, took a little extra baby snuggle time, and finally left about 2 hours late. What should have been about a 40 minute commute was an hour and a half, and I still got soaked on the way in. Nothing like starting the day with wet clothes. At least I had my boots, rain coat, and umbrella, but they only covered so much.

So here I am, trying to stay awake at the end of what has been a pretty exhausting last couple of days. But why has it been so exhausting? I sat in my last meeting trying to figure it out. All I can guess is the weather - just in general, weather like that makes everyone just want to sleep. And on top of that, driving 25 on the interstate because you can barely see beyond the small metal pod you are encapsulated in, when even the highest setting of the wipers is NOT keeping your windshield clear, and some folks are WAY more important than me and MUST KEEP GOING FAST... that gets very tiring very fast. Add that to a baby that has decided sleeping by himself in his own bed is just a bad idea and, well, you get the drift.

So yeah, Colin? Glad to see you go. Bless your heart.

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