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Saturday, May 01, 2010

My cats are nuts

I love my cats.

Really. I do.

I mean, honestly. How do you not love these faces???

(Yes, this is a bit of an old picture, but since my hard drive crashed its one of the only ones of both of them I have until I pay someone to get the rest off)

Here's a recent one of Mattie in her favorite place:
And a not so recent one of Charlie but one that I love anyways....

They're adorable, right? But they DRIVE ME CRAZY!!! Charlie has decided that he likes to play with the carpet. At 3 am. It wakes me up. He also likes to chase Mattie, especially when she doesn't want to be chased. Which would be OK, except she throws a hissie fit about it - growling, hissing, snarling.... they never actually hurt each other, and they DO love each other - they groom each other, they lay together on the bed with me... but holy crap they can make some noise.

I like to think that Charlie will grow out of it - Mattie has always been more mellow, plus she's 13 months older (she just turned 4 in February, he was 3 in March), and she's a girl. But so far he has not. Granted, he relaxes a little bit more than he used to (right now he's laid out on the floor in the middle of the guest room). 

But on the other side, he is the sweetest, most snuggly, loving, lovable little animal on the planet. Don't get me wrong, I love them both - if anything, Mattie is more my favorite (although I hate to say that) if only because I had her first, and Charlie is definitely Matt's favorite because while Mattie is running away from him, Charlie gets excited to see him every time he walks in a room. But Mattie runs away from everyone. Including me. Unless she really wants to cuddle. Which is usually as I'm trying to go to sleep or at 6 am, like it was this morning.

When I first got Charlie, I had a hard time with him. I'd had Mattie for 8 months at that point, and she was so quiet and reserved. I struggled with keeping him, but it was the sweet, loving, cuddly side of him that made me totally melt. I think he's just a typical little boy - he can be a real sh*t sometimes, but he's not destructive - he just wants to play. Now, while I still wonder sometimes if Mattie would have been better off as a single cat, I know that she would probably be as lost without her brother as I would be.

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Darby said...

I can attest firsthand that your cats raise hell when they play! I give you massive kudos for putting up with it!