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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Meet Ruthie!

Well, the car boredom finally got the best of me.

I really wasn't going to do it right away. I'd been doing my research, looking at features and prices and safety ratings and fuel economy and all that stuff, and I really was just planning to get my research in a row, figure out where I wanted to be financially, save up for a bigger down payment, and wait a little while.  Based on all of my online research, I'd pretty much decided on the Nissan Rogue, pending a test drive.

So when a water main break at work resulting in loss of water pressure in the building meant we got out early, I figured it was as good a time as any to go test drive and make sure I like the car.  I got to the dealer, and went out on the drive, and REALLY liked the car. I went in to talk numbers with them, and told them straight up where I was coming from, and that the only way I would be buying now was if they gave me an amazing deal that I couldn't say no to. I told them to crunch their numbers and I would go home and crunch mine, and they could give me a call.

When I got in my car to leave, I had this definite sense of disappointment. Like oh, this. 

(A little background: when I bought Jethro, I wanted certain things in the car. But I settled, and bought the most basic model on the lot, instead of holding my ground and getting what I wanted. So Jethro has no button to unlock the doors, and the only key hole is in the driver's door. He doesn't have cruise control. And he's so low to the ground.  And I had REALLY wanted a sunroof, but I didn't get one. So I knew, from the start, that I was NOT going to step down from the features I wanted for the next car.)

I was barely home when the dealership called me back and asked if I could come back out. I agreed to return after rush hour.  In that time, I looked at my budget, considered what they said they were going to give me for my trade in, and came to a number that if they weren't going to hit it, I wasn't going to buy. (But I also cleaned out Jethro.) I came back, and at first they wanted to talk about monthly payments, which I won't do - I immediately stopped the guy and said before we do this, let's talk round number. They took me to that page, and while they were almost a thousand over where I had wanted to be in top number, they were willing to give me an extra $300 on the trade in and a $500 rebate.

So I did it. I bid Jethro farewell.  I solicited name suggestions from my friends, and allow me to introduce Ruthie!
Last night it was actually cool enough to drive home from my parents with the sunroof open, which was AWESOME. I'm so glad I got what I wanted. I don't foresee being bored with this car for a LONG time.

A couple more photos, just for fun:
No more FM transmitter for the iPod :)

Yes, she's purple. Love it :)

My favorite part!

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Darby said...

Congrats on the new car!