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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

35 more days...

Right now Im at work and I have nothing to do. How, you might ask, is this any different than any other day? Well, its not really. Except that today it got a little twist. The day after a duty day is always long, especially when you are trying to leave and can't. But today was further enhanced by my friend Chad who, at 452 this morning on his way to the gym, decided that since he was awake I should be too. Umm, wrong answer. I usually get to sleep a little later on duty days since I dont have to drive in. It would have been OK, I could have gone right back to sleep after the little beep letting me know I had a text message, but waking up also made me realize that it was freezing on the barge. Luckily I had no further blankets/sweaters/warmth of any kind. And, finally, to make matters worse, anyone who has ever been on a Navy ship and drinks coffee knows that, especially inport, mess decks coffee leaves a little something to be desired. Youd think with the number of people on a ship who drink coffee we would have gotten the art of making it down, but it seems as though no matter what, its always the kid that doesnt drink coffee that gets assigned coffee making duties in the mornings. Id rather go without than drink some of that. Then, sitting here a little while ago complaining to Chad about the whole chain of events that he started, I had another thought- does that make me a coffee snob??

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katielady said...

Consider yourself lucky, they don't even provide coffee for employees at my office! Only the Partners' get the coffee. First engineering office I've worked in that doesn't have a coffee pot! Grrrr.