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Monday, January 10, 2005

I see stupid people....

What is it with people who get married and then beat up their spouse, or make false accusations that their spouse beat them up, or call the police every time they have a fight with thier spouse? In my current job as legal officer, I get to deal with every single time something like this happens, and it amazes me how often that actually is. Now, correct me if Im wrong, but doesnt marriage somewhere imply liking, if not (gasp) loving the person that youre marrying? Maybe thats just my old-fashioned-ness shining through, but then again Ive never been married. I know its hard work, and I know that married people fight and argue and all, but come on now people... Am I totally wrong here?

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Mollina said...

You are not wrong. I think we both had great examples that have set too high of standards for us. I'm curious as to what sparked this post of yours?