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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Everything smells like Bourbon Street!

A little over a year ago when Melanie told me that she was getting married in New Orleans this January I told her I would go UA before I would miss it. You don't spend four years living with someone, at the Naval Academy no less, and then just not show up to their wedding. When she told me a couple weeks later that she had gotten married already but that they would still be having the party, I told her that I would still go UA before I would miss it. I mean, I would not have made it through those four years without her, a sentiment that made me cry each time I said it at the party- her family was telling me the same thing about her. I am so glad I did. One thing you have to understand about Melanie is that she comes from a very crazy and very large family- her parents are each on their third spouses. This party included almost all of them. Her Mom, ex-stepdad (and more of his family than any other), and current stepdad, and her dad and his current wife and their 3 year old son, as well as family members of all. And all of these people, all differences aside, were there for one reason- they all love Mel. It amazes some people, but because I know her so well and know how she is, it would amaze me if they didn't feel that way. She is not someone you forget easily, and is a very easy person to love. So I wish Mel and Shane the absolute best, because she deserves it more than anyone I know.

I opened up my suitcase last night when I got back, and suddenly my room was filled with this funk. Made me glad my roommate can't smell, because there are very few smells quite like that of Bourbon Street. I didnt really even spend that much time there, but it doesn't take much...

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