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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Inbox (1 new), Junk Mail (6 new)

There needs to be a "do not call" list for email.

Maybe they could call it "do not Spam," or something. I don't know. All I know is I am so sick of getting emails with "Better than V^i^a^g^r^a" or "C*ial#is" or"Diet Pills as Seen on Sixty Minutes" as the subject lines. Believe me, if I wanted to be getting emails about Viagra or Cialis or herbal remedies or Diet pills or free gift cards or containing porn, I would ask for them. But please, please stop sending them to my inbox. Where do they get my email address anyways? I have a very obscure email address, and Ive had it for almost 8 years. I dont particularly like the email address, but everyone knows it, from all of my past lives since high school, and apparently the 8-10 junk emails I get a day are a really small number compared to the 30-40 that some of my friends are getting. I am just afraid that if I get a new account it will be ridiculous.

Maybe Ill write my congressman. If they can do it for telemarketers I bet they can do it for Spam.

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