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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Idolaholics Anonymous

Hi, my name is Rebecca, and I am addicted to American Idol.

Even when I know the show is going to suck (the auditions all do), I still must watch it. If I did not have DVR, I would probably work my schedule around making sure I could watch it. I didn't know about it until the very end of the first season, so I didn't care so much about it then. But then season two started, and we were all at SWOS, and it was our normal show, and I just couldn't stop. The hardest part about leaving on deployment was knowing that I was going to miss most of season three. I even watched that stupid "From Justin to Kelly" movie when it came on HBO. Maybe its just fascination- I have always been a singer, and the first time I remember doing a solo performance was in my elementary school talent show in 4th grade, and all the kids accused me of lipsyncing Debbie Gibson's No More Rhyme. Then I hear some of these kids that get on American Idol and I can't help but think that I could do that. But then Im always afraid I would be that girl that the judges just laugh at. But then again, maybe not.

I think its time to make a deal with myself. For next season, if there are auditions anywhere near me (like within driving distance) and Im not underway, Im going. Why not. Just like anything else, I don't want to spend the rest of my life wondering, what if I had tried out. And hey, they had that Marine who couldn't do pushups, why not a Naval Officer?


katielady said...

They should make pills for this, Becca.

Rebecca Lynn said...

Hmm... does that mean youre addicted too? Or was that a stab?