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Monday, January 30, 2006

Farewells, jewelry parties, and Kevin Nealon

I had a pretty fun weekend. Definitely different than any weekend Ive had in a while, but good at the same time.

It started Friday night with a trip out to a little coffee shop in Portsmouth to see my friend Amy perform. She's moving to New York today to try to make it in the music world, so this weekend was her last 2 performances (that totally doesnt look grammatically correct. Its not, is it?). Anyways, so I went out there, drank coffee all night, and then went with her and another guy to a pub down the street for a little while where we sat and talked about bands and music and musicians in general and it was awesome.

Saturday morning I got up and ran some errands, went to lunch with Brandon, then headed out to my old team mate Jen's house for a jewelry party. I had never experienced the jewelry party before, but it was actually kind of cool. Think Tupperware/candle/whatever party- a person comes in with displays, does a demo show, complete with little games, and you order stuff at the end. The jewelry is actually really nice though- I was impressed. I ordered a couple of peices, you know I did. While we were all just sitting and chatting afterwards, my cell rang and it was someone from work. I almost didnt answer, but we had a wetting down scheduled for later that night so I went ahead and picked up. Well, I THOUGHT it was scheduled for later that night. In fact, it was 5:20 right then and while I thought the wetting down was at 7:30, it was actually at 1730, or in 10 minutes. Ooops. I got from Suffolk to Va Beach faster than I think anyone ever has.

I got to Carrabba's for the party, and most everyone was already there. We ate a little, drank a little, hung out, and then a few of us headed over to Keagan's. We were having some drinks, talking, when I look over and notice that Kevin Nealon has just walked in to the bar. This wasnt that surprising, as he was playing Funny Bone's all week and its right next door, but it was still kinda cool. Josh decided he was going to go over and say hello, so I followed to laugh. We got over there and Josh asked him what he was drinking, and he said he couldnt get to the bar. So I squeezed up, got his beers, and chatted with him for a few minutes. First of, he is TALL. A lot taller than he ever looked on SNL. But mostly, he was just cool. Super laid back, really nice, no frills, just came over for a drunk. In fact, most people didnt even notice him. He mentioned he had a show the next night (last night) so Josh, Craig, and I went. He was really funny- I was impressed- and so were the two guys that opened for him. After that we went over and did the farewell karaoke- apparently Geoff decided it wasnt as good an idea as he thought- and that was it.

Nothing thrilling, but thats kinda how I like it.

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