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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Oh what a weekend...

I have not had as much fun in Virginia Beach as I had this weekend in a long time.

I had duty Friday, which was good because I was exhausted. I got home Saturday, went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get some things in preparation for my sister coming next weekend, and spent most of the day cleaning up around my house, hanging pictures, etc. Then Saturday night Mandy and I went out and managed to get our tabs paid by this guy that graduated USNA 2001- he was trashed. The bar was overrun by Academy grads- it was really strange, I had never seen it like that there before. I even saw Susan Smith, the 99 grad who tried to get me kicked out harder than Ive ever seen anyone try anything when I was plebe. But, of course, she denied remembering it at all and was super nice to me. Whatever. It was snowing, and Mandy lives slightly closer to the bar than I do, so we went back to her house, where her roommate was already home waiting on his best friend's girlfriend to show up, and the three of them managed to get into a massive wrestling match, which I just watched and laughed and which resulted in Mandy escaping unscathed, Stephanie getting bruises all over legs, and Sean getting a black eye.

Sunday morning we went to brunch and then went shopping. The mall with that crew is something else, thats for sure! It was successful though, what with the MLK day sales and stuff. Then Sunday night we went out again for Brandon's birthday. I karaoked up a storm, as always, and got an offer to come audition for the spring play at the Tidewater Musical Theater. Unfortunately, Im going to be underway for most of the time they will be rehearsing, and they dont do anything over the summer, but maybe some other time. And it was a big ego booster, thats for sure.

Yesteday was a recovery day- I watched a ton of TV, never got dressed, and was basically just a lazy bum. It was great :)

This morning I came back to work, not so thrilled to be here (when am I ever?), and had to go in to talk to the CO about something. We got a new Ensign on board who is basically going to be my relief, just with a nice long turnover period, and the CO was talking about it a little bit and asking what I wanted to do next, and I mentioned the job that is on the hot fill list for Corpus Christi, but that its in April so it might be too soon. He asked about it, I told him that it was a Flag Aide job and I think I would be really good at it, and he agreed and told me to call my detailer! So this morning I sent an email, and if I dont have a response in the next hour I will be calling to make sure they know Im interested. He said that I may not be able to get it in April, which is when it opens, but theyd be willing to work with me to go maybe in May. And he also said that if I cant get that one, he will work with me to help me try to get a job in Texas either way. So that was good news, and totally unexpected- I did not think he would be so open to the idea of letting me go early, but he was. So cross your fingers for me- as much as I may not want to leave my house yet, I want to leave this ship, and this just might be my ticket...

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Paul said...

Good Luck! I can certainly give you some experienced flag-ass-kissing lessons if you get the job - believe it or not it's pretty damned fun!