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Friday, January 27, 2006

I remembered something, and realized something else, last night.

So here's the story. My good friend's little brother is in a band. They got the opportunity to open up at a local venue last night for some metal concert, I guess there were 5 or so bands, and my friend asked if I would buy a ticket and go with him, his girlfriend, his parents, and his best friend to support his brother. Im never one to pass up a show, so I said sure, why not. My friend said he didnt really know what kind of music the band played, but it didnt really matter- its all about supporting my friend's brother, and local music while Im at it. So I met up with all of them and in we went to the show. Thats where I remembered that I really detest screamo music. I like rock. I even like hard rock. But usually for me to like it it has to involve someone who can sing. Little brother talks like a normal guy. So does the other guy that was singing in the band. But oh my goodness. Im not even sure I could call it singing. I guess if you like that kind of music, they were really good. But I really dont like that kind of music.

So now onto what I realized. After little brother's band was done, we headed off to my favorite Norfolk bar to see my favorite Irish entertainer for a little while. We got there, Martin got up on the stage, and spent half of the time we were there going back and forth with friend's mother, who was egging him on. She was slightly (OK, very) intoxicated, and my friend was mortified. This made me realize that no matter how parents are, whether theyre the strictest, most proper parents or the parents who are proud that thier son can smoke more pot than anyone they know and still function well, noone likes their parents. Every child, no matter what the situation, will always be embarrased by their parents. There just is no getting around it. And we don't grow out of it. I thought that as we became adults it wouldnt be like that, but as my friends and I reach our late 20's, it still happens. Kinda makes you stop and think.

So yeah, my night last night was interesting. But it was thought provoking. So that makes it productive, right?

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