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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Have you read the Rolling Stone article yet?

If not, get hot.

Seriously. In order to REALLY understand what's going on here, you have to read the article. The media reports are OK, but they're not really getting it. For example, this wasn't an interview with General McChrystal. Nor were 90% of the quotes actually spoken by him. And how the RS guy wasn't supposed to be with them that long. And oh by the way, he got a chance to take a chop on the article before the author sent it to press. MESS. I have one question: Why not just tell the guy, after his original 2 days, to find somewhere else to hang out??

I can't get over this whole business of demoting GEN Petraeus to take over a job that fell under the purview of CENTCOM. The overwhelming thought seems to be that President Obama did this with the thought that it would take him out of the running for a possible Presidential run in 2012, although I'm not sure how likely that would have been. The names that were being tossed around as possible McChrystal replacements are now being thrown around as Petraeus replacements. Personally, I'm cheering for Lt Gen John Allen, who was the Commandant of Midshipmen while I was at USNA. It will be interesting to see where that goes....

There really is no disagreement, at least among those with any military experience, that this was a fireable offense, and President Obama really had no choice. That's not the interesting part here. The interesting part, in my mind, is what comes next.

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