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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The day that I have been awaiting for the last 5 1/2 months is FINALLY almost here!

Matt and I have been doing the long-distance relationship thing since January, when I moved back up to DC to start work and he remained in Atlanta to finish working on some music projects. But this weekend, it's finally going to be over! Tomorrow evening, I will be flying to Atlanta, and Saturday morning, we will start the drive back up here with a truck full of Matt's stuff! We'll be splitting the drive into two days, with a stop at his best friend's house in Chapel Hill, NC on the way up. But by Saturday afternoon, we'll be back up here in time to enjoy the fireworks, as viewed from our sunroom :)

He'll still be heading down to Atlanta now and then to work the music, but he'll be based up here, which makes me VERY happy. Being separated like this is never an ideal situation, and it was absolutely not what we wanted, but the need for a steady income and the fact that I couldn't find one in Atlanta made it necessary. I can't wait to see Matt - we haven't seen each other since mid-March, for a variety of reasons, and I miss him!!

Just keep your fingers crossed that my flight is on time and that we get out of Atlanta early enough on Friday to miss the holiday traffic!

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