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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Every cloud has a silver lining, right?

So, I'm a little bit bummed.

When I booked the VH1 Best Cruise Ever, I booked my travel knowing that Matt was going to have a show in Atlanta the night before. I spent the extra money to basically buy 3 one-way plane tickets so I could see him play, and I told my friends in Atlanta to keep the night clear.  Unfortunately, the booking of that show was handled unprofessionally by the people that said they'd take care of it, and those "confirmed" dates for Atlanta shows turned out to be not.

Of course, I'm not at all mad at Matt or his partner in this project. If they had not been 100% sure, they would not have let me buy plane tickets and make the plans. And not only did I spend probably an extra $200 and take an extra day off of work to make this happen, but they were relying on the paycheck they were supposed to get for these shows. So all around, just poorly handled.

But while I'm absolutely not happy about the fact that I won't get to see Matt for the first time in 7 weeks, especially since its going to be at least another 4 before the next chance I get (screw moving schedules, they suck), and I'm bummed that I STILL won't get to see this new band play, I refuse to call this a total loss. One of my best friends in the world lives in Atlanta, along with a couple of girlfriends that I got to know better while I lived there, and it looks like I'm going to be able to hang out with them tomorrow night instead. So its not all the way bad. Not as good as I'd hoped for, but who can complain about a fun night with the ladies?? Not me!

And isn't that what its all about, making what could have been a very disappointing situation into a better one? Life is too short to dwell on things. It took a lot of restraint yesterday for me to not publicly call some people out, but I'm glad I didn't name names. Its just not worth it. And that's been a goal of mine lately, to try to be more positive about things, especially when they're not going my way. Its not an easy thing sometimes, but I am so much better off than I could be, and so much better off than I was. As long as I remember that...


purrfectlee said...

Rebecca, what a great post and and an even better attitude. I have to admit that turning lemons into lemonade is something I struggle with daily. Bravo to you for not letting the change in plans get you down.

I'm going to have to share with with my "Lemon Drop Ladies". This is exactly the kind of story I think they look for.

danaCreative said...

Great attitude, Rebecca. Lee and I are both firm believers that everything happens for a reason. We're in our current house as a result of an 'everything that could go wrong did go wrong' situation. Silver linings definitely equal blessings. Have a great time in Atlanta and on BCE! Tell Colbie I day hi! :P