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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Gee, thanks... (also A Bit of Venting)

So I was hoping that, by giving Weps a full list of what I had not had time to finish up, and with him knowing what I was gone for, and being so supportive, and knowing that half of it had to do with the ammo onload we have on Saturday, maybe he would have done some of it. Boy, was I wrong. (Warning- this may sound slightly whiny in nature. Sorry, sort of. But I dont want to whine at work so yall are it...)

My onload notice for the onload had not even been shown the XO, who of course always has changes. I even sent it to him electronically so when he made those changes it could be fixed and ready to go to the Captain. So there it was, not a thing done to it, when I get back on the ship at 230 this afternoon (Thanks a lot duty driver- apparently "pick me up at 1200" means "pick me up at 1310") So now the CO will not see this until tomorrow, the day before the evolution, which Im sure will thrill him, and I am going to be the one that has to take it to him.

On top of that, Monday morning the CTTC decides to tell me that "he didnt know" the onload was on a weekend, and hes not going to be here. So that throws off my watch bill- this was the reason why this document did not get routed earlier to begin with. So when I left they were still working that issue out, which apparently was worked out that afternoon and PQS done. Of course that did not get routed either, because I have to sign it first. Youre the department head, you can supercede me!! That, and the Training Officer's assistant lost the paperwork I was rushing to print for him before I left, and of course he needed that NOW, so I was running around redoing that, and all in all, its been a frustrating afternoon, with no end in sight that I can see.

On another note though, the ceremony that the Vella Gulf put together for Charlie was really nice. I am really glad that I was able to get down there for it, and in the process meet a bunch of new people at wing night, spend some good time catching up with Molly, and have dinner with my parents and sisters.

And only one more week til Im out of here. Thats probably the best news of all.

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Mollina said...

I'm sorry your afternoon back so so horrific. No wonder you don't want to be a SWO DH. That's why I loved the Amphib Navy.