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Friday, September 09, 2005


If you're like me and like checking out new music, I have a suggestion: Check out my friends Snoozebox. Their website is linked over there<---. Plus, ladies, they're 4 quite good looking guys :)
Oh, and for those of you that live in the greater DC area, they're playing a show at Zig's on Duke St in Fox Chase Center (up towards Landmark Mall) on October 13th... you should all go.


Mollina said...

Some friends and I were talking about liking live music in small venues the other night, and I told them about this band. I think we're going to try to catch them when they're here, so I'll let you know how they sound.

Rebecca Lynn said...

Yay!! I told them I was gonna try to get all my DC friends to see them since I wasnt gonna be able to go myself. They will be excited to hear, and Ill make sure theyre looking for yall.