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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Oh what a weekend....

Horace and I had a nice drive down to Va Beach. I stopped off at Mary Beth's house in New Jersey on the way to visit her and her mother. They are doing remarkably well, considering the events of the last 6 months, and it was great to see them. Saturday I rolled into Va Beach at around 4, got changed, and headed to Keagan's. I was quite pleasantly surprised to walk in and see James West, a good friend who now plays there 5 times a week. I got to see most of his set, have some dinner with Slim, and see some of my good friends who work there, which was nice. Then at about 830 I headed out to Mo and O'Malley's to see Kevin and Randy play. I walked in and got hugs from everyone, even Gudi! Sceleta wasn't there, apparently she only works days now, but everyone else was, and Molly, everyone says hello. Big Mike got fired, but Nathan, the blond kid with all the tattoos who was in on St Patrick's Day and started being there all the time before we left, is now the fry cook. Not sure who does it when he has duty or is underway, but he was back there Saturday night. He made me a beautiful cheese stick. Yes, thats singular. Check out the picture:
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It was a great time, and it was especially nice to see that Kevin had taken our advice from way back when and learned that Lifehouse song, You and Me. And he did sound quite good on it. Sunday morning Mandy took me to the airport; she had had to work Saturday night so I hadnt gotten to see her. She also says hello Molly. Then I flew back. Its less than 48 hours later and I already miss Horace.... This not having a car business SUCKS!

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