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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

No More Sick :)

Well, almost. But Im 10 times better than I was!!

I got home from my roadtrip just about dead. I would have just sucked it up like I always do, but as luck would have it I had an audiogram scheduled for the morning after my return. I got to the clinic, gave them all my info, sat in the booth, and blew my nose. I guess audiologists listen for stuff like that because immediately I got the questions: Do you have a cold? Well, I have something... How are your ears? A little wierd... He looks in them... Hmm, theyre a little bit red... He takes the little sonar machine and does each ear and before the results are even done printing he says oh no, youre not doing an audiogram today. You need to go to a doctor ASAP.

So I went. And my sinuses were infected. And it had caused lots of fluid buildup in and behind my ears. Thrilling. They gave me drugs, and Ive been taking them for about a week now. It took 4 or 5 days to feel better, but man did I feel better.

Then last night we took ASWO out. He had a pretty bad labor day weekend, and needed to be taken out. I was already in my bed, and it was a good 3 hours since I had eaten anything, when I realized I had forgotten my medication. Oops. Of course Im on the "Take with food" kind, and Im not about to risk taking them without- I know what that can do to your tummy. So I just skipped that dose. Would you believe STO just came up to me and said I sound stuffy again? Missed one dose and it set me back. I only have like 4 more days of the medicine left. What happens when its gone? I hope I dont get sick again...

(OK so I just went back and read this and realized I sound like a rambling nut case. Wow. I think Ill make this the end...)

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Mollina said...

Take two of these and call me in the morning. Do not pass go, do not collect $200! Sleeping on a ship with that lovely Navy ventilation doesn't help, either.