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Monday, December 19, 2005

Apparently that means Im next...

This was me on Saturday.

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Obviously, this was a wedding. My friend Cynthia, who was one of my favorite plebes in the glee club when I was a firstie, got married. It made me feel really old, but I was thrilled for her. She was the most un-nervous bride I have ever seen, and she is really and truly happy with Drew. They make an adorable couple, and the wedding was a blast. But when it came to that whole throwing the bouquet part, I wanted to kill her. I stood front and center, because thats never where the flowers go, but this time, sure enough... she didnt throw them that hard. So I got it. Im slightly mortified at this point, but hey, its all good. So then it comes time for Drew to do the garter. He throws it once, it hits the ceiling and some 10 year old catches it. The emcee says no way, makes him throw it again, and again it bounces off the ceiling into an even younger kids hands. Now I dont mind dancing with kids, but again, the emcee said do it over. Finally one of the Ensigns caught it, and I found out why. He didnt do the traditional dance for the guy who catches the garter and the girl who catches the bouquet. Nope. He does the get the garter on her and thats the end. Hence the picture....

The wedding was fun, though. While I am NOWHERE near ready to be next, it was a nice thought for a second. I just hope that when I get to that point, Im as happy as Cynthia is. Corny sounding, I know, but hey, what I can say, its the truth.

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