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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I missed my bed.

Last night, for the first time in almost 8 months, I got to sleep in my very own bed. It was WONDERFUL! Granted, when I woke up for work this morning I almost tripped over about 17 boxes, and I cant find half of the clothes that I had before my stuff came, and somehow managed to get packing tape stuck to my sock 4 differnet times, but still... I have my stuff back, and I have my bed. Thats the important thing. Now its to the unpacking. I hate unpacking. I will throw away a ton of stuff, but it will be a pain in the process.

My Army-Navy party Saturday went fairly well, other than the technical difficulties with the cable. I learned some lessons, though:
1. Boys do not listen. If I tell you what I did to try to fix my cable, you calling your cable guy buddy and him telling you to do exactly what I already did and having the lady on the phone basically ask me why Im calling again... not so great. I already told you that didnt work.
2. Brandon is not a cable guy. See above.
3. All I want for Christmas is a guy who wont play games. To elaborate a little... If you say "Ill call you later," call me later. If you dont intend on calling me later, say talk to you later, or see ya later, or nothing at all. Cuz if you say youre going to call me, Im not gonna just keep trying to call you.

So yeah. Things are going alright in my world. I need to get my house unpacked. I need to get a Christmas tree, and I need a dining room table. But in all, I think Im pretty well set.

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Mollina said...

Yea to furniture! And boo to boys! Mine is smitten with some girl he met in Philly. Will fill you via email. Girls rule, boys drool!