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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Another day in Newport

Newport. Love it. We pulled in on Tuesday, and of course the only day I have duty while were here is WEDNESDAY... grrr.... For those of you who dont know, Wednesday is karaoke night at O'Brien's Pub, and when I lived here three years ago I rarely if ever missed one. But I made it on Tuesday for trivia night. It was a good time, and I still feel at home at that place.

So, back on topic, tonight was supposed to be the last night. We were supposed to pull out tomorrow morning, but seas are forecasted to be 20 feet, which, more than likely, would have put the entire crew down, not to mention been slightly dangerous. (The captain is on the 1MC right now, his words "I dont feel like throwing up tomorrow either.") So I get one more night in one of my favorite towns. I really do love this place. And Molly, Ill tell everyone you said hello. Off to get my hair cut, then dinner with Jen and drinks with Holly.


Justin said...

Hey Rebecca! Just read your entry on drugs. I wish I could sympathize with you, but 6-9 really isn't that big. That's a calm day in the Bering and/or Gulf of Alaska. And being up in the gun is the best! Of course, being out on deck on the fo'c'sle is pretty cool too, especially when the Wx decks aren't secured (usually has to get to 15'+ for that to happen on my last ship). I love rough weather! The rest of the ship is down, leaving chow lines non-existent, and that eerie quiet where you hear just machinery humming...perfect! Remember, drugs are bad, mm-kay!

Justin said...

Hey, no problem on the email...

My AIM sn is Hockeybear7 too! Get from MJ and write away! Later.