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Sunday, October 30, 2005

I am officially all growed up.

Yup, thats right. I found out as I was walking down the brow on Friday afternoon that the owners had accepted my offer on the house. I spent my entire drive up to Molly's calling and texting everyone I could think of, and hearing that Im a dork for not having taken pictures yet (thanks Mom), and just being generally over excited. I close on 28 November, and probably will get all my stuff sometime the week after because of some scheduling conflicts. Or maybe I can convince them to let me stay behind from IA... yeah right. But either way, I am stoked. I am officially an adult now, I guess :)

As I mentioned before, I drove up to Molly's this weekend to hang out, do the Halloween party thing, and catch up a little. We did dinner Friday night with some of her church friends (who are all awesome, by the way), and then Saturday went to see Elizabethtown before the party. I had a pretty good weekend- it was nice to see the people I had met before again, and aweosme to meet all the girls that I hadnt met yet. Plus, I miss hanging out with Molly.

Now Im on duty again. Gotta love the military quality of life- every third day. Supposedly we are supposed to move to every 6th here when we get back from Florida, but who knows. Right now Im going crazy though. I never have an entire weekend free, I always have duty either Friday, Saturday or Sunday, and it seems like the fun things I want to be doing are always on the days I have duty, and I cant have a decent social life when every third day Im stuck on the ship. (I know, I sound whiny, but this is my blog so I can say what I like, so there.) Is it time to go to shore duty yet?

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