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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Roommateless Once Again

Well, she was cool while she lasted....

But it turns out that my roommate of exactly three weeks to the day was pregnant. 12 weeks to be exact. She couldnt figure out why she kept puking, or why she always felt like she was gonna pass out, or why she was so emotional all the time, so she finally, after almost passing out at quarters decided it was time to see Doc. Yes, yes it was. Shes almost three months and had no idea. So last night she left. With about an hours notice. And of course, since we cant have a fogless day around here, when she got to the airport all the flights were cancelled, so she did what I would have done- see ya duty driver, theres no way in hell Im going back there, Im getting a hotel. I wouldnt have wanted to come back here either.

So now its back to just me in the room. The Navigator from one of the other ships is going to be riding us down to Newport, so Ill have her for a couple of days, and then after that its just me. Unless we get another male officer, which might happen because I guess we have a billet on the NROTC fall selection list. In that case, since there are no more open male racks, I will have to move in with the Chief Engineer and the guys will get this room. Only good thing about that is a bigger rack- 2 man vs 3 man room. But for now, its back to just me and my chocolate wrappers. The latest: Hey, why not?

In other news, I had a long chat with my sister the other night. Molly, if you read this before I tell you about it, remind me to tell you about it. It got interesting, but I think, for once in her life, she finally stopped and actually listened to what I had to say instead of getting all defensive and pissed off. Maybe this getting married and moving to Utah thing thats supposed to make her grow up actually has, because apparently she took at least one part of my advice and tried to call Mom right after we got off the phone. We'll see how that all progresses.

Now that I have just spent the entire morning showing friends of the CO's around the ship, its time to get a little work done.

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Mollina said...

I'm glad you got a chance to talk to her. I hope she talked to your mom. It'll get through her head eventually. You may have just made the initial crack. Don't stop trying.