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Sunday, December 05, 2010

#Reverb 10, December 5th

The Prompt: Let Go. What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?

I let go of a lot of anxiety this year. If you haven't yet noticed, the theme of my posts so far as been heavily leaning towards the change and transition I went through this year. And this is no different. At the beginning of this year my financial situation was shaky at best. My relationship was even less stable. I was about to move, and start a new job, and embark on a long distance relationship, at least for a little while. I was, as I've previously mentioned, a hot mess.

But as the year has progressed and things have settled in, I've been able to let go of a lot of that anxiety. As my job got going, and the paychecks kept coming, and my relationship re-strengthened, its just been better and better. I don't have breakdowns. I don't worry as much. (I still worry some. Its just in my nature. Nothing I can do about it. Oh well.) I'm just in a better place. And it feels great.

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